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Cleaning & maintenance

Cleaning products

Cleaning and maintenance products we regularly use ourselves and are happy to recommend and sell

Maintenance of stainless steel assets

Here are some tips for looking after stainless steel, even in harsh environments

Domestic products

Balustrades and handrails

Our balustrades and handrails are welded together, and constructed either from high quality stainless steel or brass. We don’t construct click-together balustrades

Benchtops and frames

We're pleased to have a number of building companies, designers, architects and cabinetmakers who not only specify stainless steel as the benchtop material, but also specify Bell Stainless as the supplier

Cooktop surrounds

Replacing your kitchens cooktop can seem quite daunting, especially as most of the new models are smaller than the ones being replaced. This leaves gaps that need to be filled (usually on either side) and can be a problem UNLESS you use a custom-made Bell Stainless cooktop surround

Grates and trays

Available in various styles, in 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. All our trays have fully welded corners and drops for long-term leak prevention. They are intended for foot traffic only

Oven filler panels

These handy Satin stainless steel panels are used to fill gaps above or below a new or replacement oven

Sheeting of cabinetry

Door and drawer fronts sheeted in stainless create a stunning effect

Sink front trays

With these handy items you have an attractive storage space in front of the sink. Great for knives, cleaning products, etc

Commercial products

Balustrades and handrails

High quality stainless or brass construction

Benchtops and frames

For schools, restaurants, clubs, mines, churches, etc

Mobile workbenches

By default our benchtops have an external grade plywood substrate which removes any drumming and greatly reduces deterioration from atmospheric moisture


Street furniture, sculptures, etc


Custom-made for various requirements


Our urinals are custom-made to your requirements

Civil engineering products

Water treatment and sewage treatment plant components

High quality stainless assets built to rigorous standards by fully qualified tradesmen