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How to request a quote for your custom-made grate and tray set

Step 1

Fill in the form found at this link and click the Submit Form button, this will send us the details for your custom-made grate and tray set. If you need more than one you'll need to submit a form for each one seperately

Step 2

• We'll process your request and email you a written quote. You're welcome to contact our sales team either by phone 07 5476 8877 or email sales@bellstainless.com.au to make sure we've received your details

Step 3

• If you wish to go ahead and place an order, sign and return the quote. Then phone our office to arrange payment

Step 4

• In approx 10 working days we'll contact you to either let you know your order is ready for pick up, or to confirm your shipping details for delivery

Thank you for choosing Bell Stainless


Be very careful with all dimensions. If the finished item doesn't fit and we've made it to the sizes provided there will be a cost to make a replacement.

Of course if we haven't made it to your dimensions and it doesn't fit, simply return the item and we'll modify or replace it at no charge

Tile tray grate & tray set - blends in with your floor tiles

Wedgewire grate & tray set - the most popular option

Perforated grate & tray set - the most cost effective option

Due to the number of variables with grates & trays, prices are available on request. The form below will help clarify your requirements

Available in various styles, and all in 316 grade stainless steel. Bell Stainless trays have fully welded corners and drops for long-term leak prevention

All our grates and trays are custom-made to your dimensions, length, width, and depth. And outlets are also available in various sizes, freeing you to work with the sizes you'd prefer, not what you're stuck with

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