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Products - residential benchtops and frames

We’re pleased to have a number of building companies, designers, architects and cabinetmakers who not only specify stainless steel as the benchtop material, but also specify Bell Stainless as the suppliers

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There are four main textures used for benchtops

No 4 (a.k.a. Satin or Brushed)

Rimex 5WL

Rimex Linen

Rimex Checks

Available in 304 (kitchen) grade

Available in 304 (kitchen) grade

Available in 304 (kitchen) grade

Available in 304 (kitchen) grade

Available in 316 (marine) grade

Available in 316 (marine) grade

Not available in 316 grade

Not available in 316 grade

Scratches can be polished out

Hard wearing, scratches can be polished out

Scratches can't be polished out

Scratches can't be polished out

Readily available

Produced in Australia

Produced in the UK

Produced in the UK


Of the four textures the most commonly used ones are No. 4 and 5WL, with 5WL being by far the hardest wearing in terms of showing marks, etc.

Textures can also be combined to add effect

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A few things to consider when planning benches

• Grade of stainless, whether the bench will be inside or outside, and proximity to harsh environments such as saltwater, chlorine, etc

• Texture for the benchtop work surface and edges (edges can be a different texture to the benchtop) - see the table above for common textures

• Type of edges. click here to view our most common benchtop edges

• We supply premium quality structural plywood substrates for all benchtops - not chipboard or MDF that are easily effected by moisture. Common thickness of tops is 40mm, but thicker facias are not a problem

• Island benches can often be built from a plan, benches fitting against walls require a template once the cabinets are installed.  If we’re to install the job we’ll also provide the template so we’re responsible to make the job fit

• Sometimes due to benchtop and / or physical room sizes it’s necessary to deliver a job in separate pieces (i.e. large or U-shaped benches).  Our tradesmen are used to welding mitered joins either in the workshop or on site

• Support frames for benches can be either 304 or 316 grade stainless, and can be made from various sizes of square or round tubing. Adjustable feet are commonly used in commercial facilities

• BBQ benches and / or suites are usually made from 316 grade stainless as this provides maximum protection from the environment. Remember though that most stainless steel BBQ's are only 304 grade