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Door and drawer fronts sheeted in stainless create a stunning effect, and mirror finish kicks create a "floating" illusion

Usually covered in Satin finish stainless with horizontal grain to match appliances, they provide a dramatic lift to any room, while Satin, textured, or Mirror stainless kicks add yet another dimension

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INSIDE - the stainless is wrapped over a timber substrate, so hinges and other hardware can be set up by your cabinetmaker as usual

OUTSIDE (door front)

OUTSIDE (drawer front)

Door and drawer fronts - the outside face and all four edges in your choice of stainless steel textures, with a solid timber substrate (white 16mm cabinetry board is most common for the inside face)

Kicks - usually need to be scribed and shaped to suit the floor by your cabinet maker. We then supply and glue your choice of stainless panels to the kick substrate, ready for you or your cabinet maker to install

For quoting please supply a sketch or kitchen plan with dimensions. For manufacture we usually work with your cabinet maker to get the hinge positions and gaps correct. Phone 07 5476 8877 or email sales@bellstainless.com.au if you've got questions

Mirror stainless kick panels give the impression that the cabinetry is floating, without the inconvenience of having to clean underneath it

Dependant on actual sizing, the price for sheeting doors and drawer fronts in Satin stainless steel is usually between $110 & $150, assuming the timber substrates are supplied by your cabinet maker

Kicks have more variables and need to be priced for specific jobs. Contact us for options

How to request a quote and/or order your sheeted cabinetry

Step 1

• A drawing or sketch with sizing and quantity emailed to sales@bellstainless.com.au. Include your phone number, email address, and texture you want to use

Step 2

• We'll email you a written quote

Step 3

• If you wish to go ahead and order your custom-made sheeted cabinetry, sign and return the quote via email, then phone our office to arrange payment

Step 4

• In approx 10-15 working days we'll contact you to let you know your order is ready for pick up

Notes for you and / or your cabinet maker

Doors and drawer fronts

Set up the timber substrates as normal with the required finish on the inside, and hinge holes drilled

When the positioning is all correct, remove the hinges and shave 1.5mm from each of the four edges - this will be replaced by the stainless that will wrap around the sides

Make sure you mark on each panel which way you want the grain to run, and which texture you wish to use


Scribe and shape the timber kicks to suit your floor before we glue the stainless panels on. Shaping will be much more difficult afterwards

Thank you for choosing Bell Stainless


Be very careful with all dimensions. If the finished item doesn't fit and we've made it to the sizes provided there will be a cost to make a replacement.

Of course if we haven't made it to your dimensions and it doesn't fit, simply return the item and we'll modify or replace it at no charge

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