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Stainless steel fabrication for the domestic market requires a high level of organisational skill and precision to be successful. It's an area we've had a great deal of experience in, and was our main source of work from the early 90's through to the GFC when the domestic market went quiet

In 2002 Bell Stainless won two international stainless steel industry awards at the prestigious South Africa Stainless Steel Development Association's award ceremony in Johannesburg. At the time we were the only Australian fabricator to have won a SASSDA award, and the only company world-wide to have won more than one of them. click here to read more about this acheivement. Since then we've continued to expand our pursuits of excellence and innovation for the domestic market

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We've fabricated and installed jobs in many parts of Australia's eastern states, and have no problem offering our services throughout the country

Services - domestic

Balustrades and handrails              |              Benchtops and frames              |              Cooktop surrounds              |              Grates and trays

Oven filler panels              |              Sheeting of cabinetry              |              Sink front trays