Mobile benches

Light to medium duty, durable construction

Built with external grade plywood substrates, stainless support frames, and either zinc plated steel or full stainless steel castors, Bell Stainless mobile workbenches are tough enough for most situations.

While the construction of these benches means they're capable of carrying heavier loads, the weight rating ofthe castors is what untimately determines the safe capacity of a mobile bench. In general terms the 75mm ø castors we use are rated at 80kg per castor, and our standard 100mm ø castors are rated at 120kg each. Of course heavier castors are available if required.

Some areas we've supplied these to include:

numerous primary and high schools - for mobile desks or home economics workbenches, or

various industries such as cafe's, restaurants, fire stations, science labs, dairy factories,cheese factories, etc.

In all cases our design with easily-replaceable castors means that an on-site maintenance worker can replace them should any damage occur for some reason (i.e. in chemical-rich environments where caustic cleaning agents are regularly used).

Built to suit a range of applications

All our mobile benchtops are fully welded together, and made from either 304 (a.k.a. kitchen, or 18/10) or 316 (a.k.a. marine) grade stainless steel, depending on the intended location and purpose.


We also specialise in mobile benchwork for special purposes - for example we fabricate with brass to create specific aesthetics, or with copper (again for aesthetics) or for particular health reasons like anti-viral or anti-bacterial purposes - see our Bell Stainless | Brassworx or Bell Stainless | Copperworx websites for more info on these.

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Also if you have multiple benches you'd like quoted, please fill out a form for each, and make sure to let us know the total number you're after

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