Grates and trays

Our grate styles

Perforated stainless grate (left example above) - this is the most cost-effective option. Suitable for areas where a person's full weight won't be on it (i.e. against a wall in a shower).

Wedgewire (a.k.a. heelsafe) grate (middle example above) - by far the most popular, these are the strongest (still only suitable for foot traffic) but most expensive of the styles we fabricate.

We use a non-slip wedgewire with a P3 or better slip rating.

Tile tray set (right example above) - a popular choice for showers or bathrooms where it needs to blend in with the surrounding tiles.

The trays for all grates above are the same design by default, with no fall built in. This is because a few millimetres of clean water can sit at the bottom until it evaporated without damaging the integrity of the stainless steel.

Tapers (i.e. fall) can be built into any of the styles above, but there are additional costs. Make sure you let us know if you need a quote including tapers.

Fully welded, marine grade stainless

Available in various styles, our grates and trays are fabricated from 316 (a.k.a. marine) grade stainless steel by default.

The trays have fully welded corners and outlets, removing the possibility of leaks.

Custom-made to your domensions - length, width and depth.

Grates come in lengths of approx 1200mm maximum for easy cleaning and maintenance, but trays are often fabricated in longer lengths. Long trays that require multiple sections for transporting are supplied with tags that can joined together with Sicaflex or similar on site by others, or we can quote to weld them together once installed.

Due to the number of variables with grates and trays, prices are available on request using the form below

Also if you have multiple setsyou'd like quoted, please fill out a form for each, and make sure to let us know the total number you're after

How to get a quote for your custom-made grates and trays

Step 1

fill out the form at this link and click the Submit form button at the bottom, which will send us the details for your custom-made grate and / or tray set. We'll cross-check what we can from the details provided, and let you know if we need any more information.

Step 2

We'll process your request and email you with a quote. You're welcome to contact us by email or phone 07 5476 8877 to make sure we've received your details.

Step 3

If you wish to go ahead and place an order, please sign and return the quote. Then if you're not an account customer, please ring our office to arrange payment.

We'll ring to let you know when they're ready.

Thank you for choosing Bell Stainless

Note: please be very careful with all dimensions. If the finished item doesn't fit and we've made it to the sizes provided there will be a cost to fabricate a replacement. Of course if we haven't made it to your dimensions and it doesn't fit, simply return the item and we'll modify or replace it at no charge.