Cooktop surrounds

You've bought a new cooktop, but there's gaps - what can you do? OR

You're trying to find a replacement cooktop that'll fit in the existing cutout

This is a common scenario for kitchen renovators, since many new models are narrower than the older ones.

DON'T PANIC, this is not a problem

• there should be no need to replace your benchtop (unless there's something else wrong with it as well).

• you probably don't even need to return your new cooktop, and start the process of looking for anotherone.

Our custom-made cooktop surrounds mean you can use almost any new cooktop (as long as it will physically fit) with your existing benchtop

This is great news for anyone renovating on a budget, or anyone wanting to tidy up a damaged benchtop around the cooktop area.

How to order your custom-made cooktop surround and solve the problem

Step 1

• select the price option for your region from the pull-down menu below - international customers please select "Details only - for supply by others"

Cooktop surround
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Step 2

fill out the form at this link and click the Submit form button at the bottom, which will send us the details for your custom-made cooktop surround. We'll cross-check what we can from the details provided, and let you know if we need any more information

Step 3

• Contact us either by email or phone 07 5476 8877 to make sure we've received both your details and payment.

• In approx 3 - 5 working days we'll contact you to either let you know your order is ready for pickup, or to confirm your shipping details for delivery.

Step 4

• When your new cooktop surround arrives, follow these directions to install it - should take about 15 minutes once you've got everything ready.