Sheeting of door and drawer fonts

Cabinetry door - the outside of this timber substrate has been wrapped in Brushed stainless

A beautiful effect

Door and drawer fronts sheeted with Brushed stainless steel add an element of class to any kitchen cabinetwork, whether it's part of a new build or a long overdue renovation.

Welded and polished external corners means there's no hazardous edges to be concerned about, and running the grain of the stainless horizontally means it matches most stainless appliances you may have in the kitchen.

As in the examples shown here, not all doors and / or drawer fronts have to be sheeted to create a stylish effect.

If you're planning to have Bell Stainless sheet some panels, the steps to remember are these:

1) Get a quote, so you know where you're heading price-wise.

2) Get your new cabinetwork built including hardware recesses on the door and drawer front substrates, or if you're working with existing cabinetwork make sure everything is lining up correctly.

3) Carefully shave 1.5mm from all four sides of each substrate. This means when we put 1.2mm stainless on each side plus the glue it will fit neatly, and any hinges or drawer runners will still attach in the right places.


We also specialise in this type of work with other metals - for example we can sheet substrates with brass to create specific aesthetics, or with copper (again for aesthetics) or for particular health reasons like anti-viral or anti-bacterial purposes - see our Bell Stainless | Brassworx or Bell Stainless | Copperworx websites for more info on these.

Cabinetry door - the inside of the door above, showing the timber substrate. The stainless finishes flush with the back of the panel. Notice how this allows standard cabinetry hardware like hinges or drawer runners to operate without impairment

Drawer front - exactly the same principle as doors

How to get a quote for your sheeted door and / or drawer fronts

Step 1

Email a drawing or sketch with sizing and quantity for any door or drawer fronts you'd like quoted to

Include your phone number in case we have any questions.

Make sure to let us know which metal and which finish you're wanting a quote for, as they each have their own pricing structures.

Step 2

We'll process your request and email you a quote. You're welcome to contact us either by email or phone 07 5476 8877 to make sure we've received your details.

Step 3

If you wish to go ahead and place an order, please sign and return the quote.

We'll ring to let you know when they're ready.

Thank you for choosing Bell Stainless