Cooktop surround installation

Please read and understand all directions, and make sure you have all necessary accessories at hand prior to commencement.

Check dimensions of both the cutout in your benchtop and the new cooktop surround - keeping in mind that cooktop manufacturers usually leave approx 5mm of play around the cutout hole size, so within a couple of millimetres shouldn't cause a problem.

Lay the new cooktop surround in position, making sure it's the right way around, and the plastic-coated side is facing up. Check that the existing cutout is not encroaching on the new cutout size - if it is you’ll need to adjust this prior to the following steps.

Wipe the benchtop around the cooktop area with hot soapy water to remove any oil or grease, then rinse and dry the area thoroughly before continuing.

With the new cooktop surround in place, mark around the outside by sticking masking tape to the benchtop. This will help you locate the final position when the glue has been applied, and also help to keep the area free of excess adhesive if it squeezes out the sides.

Lift the surround up and lay it upside down on a flat surface while you carefully apply enough construction adhesive (i.e. Liquid Nails, Maxbond, or similar) to cover the entire surface with a thin layer when spread evenly with a flat, smooth spreader.

Press all areas of the surround down to ensure full adhesion with the benchtop. Keep an even pressure on all sides of the surround for maximum “flatness”.  If any excess adhesive gets on the benchtop remove it immediately before it starts to set.

Wait 5 mins or so, then gently peel the protective coating from the top of the surround.

Drop your new cooktop into the hole, and you’re ready to wire it up - we always recommend engaging a qualified electrician to do the electical wiring.

And that's it, you're ready to drop your new cooktop into the surround! If yours came with an adhesive strip to prevent spills from getting under the edges you can use that as per the manufacturer's booklet, but it'soptional.

Enjoy your new cooktop